Dan Potter during the sessions Thursday. Photo: Neil Holmes

“When our players enjoy the sessions, they work harder”

Taking a moment out of training on Thursday, Chichester City men’s head coach Dan Potter is delighted how the players have returned in great shape, and with the effort put into the sessions by both players and staff!

“We’re still early in our pre-season schedule, but the attitude everyone has shown and the physical shape our players have returned in is incredible. We are fortunate to have such a brilliant group of players and staff, and that makes us tick”.

Dabba overseeing the finishing drills. Photo: Neil Holmes

Potter believes this is a great base for the team to hit the ground running come the first league game in August.

“Our pre-season schedule is designed to get us ready for August 14th, our first league game. The performance, the attitude, and the results of our pre-season games is of course important, though the focus of our management team is on us being ready for the league”.

The players certainly have smiling faces around the sessions, traditionally at a time when pre-season is dreaded by most, perhaps because the sessions are fun.

“We look to design sessions which are both realistic to the games and also fun. When our players enjoy the sessions, they work harder”.

Lloyd Rowlatt getting some attention from Mackenzie and Mitch after recovering from injury. Photo: Neil Holmes