Our season has now ended and the decision to declare it null and void is arguably the fairest option. Obviously we had set our sights on the playoffs and felt we were well on target to get there.

As a club we feel at times like these football is irrelevant. Our main concern is the safety and welfare of all.

The achievements of the players and management this season have been amazing. In our first ever season in step 4 football, we have received fantastic support from the Isthmian League and been warmly welcomed by every club we have visited. It has been a great experience and one we look forward to resuming as soon as we are able.

My thanks goes out to everyone involved at the club, players, management, volunteers, sponsors and fans of all age groups. We are really starting to all pull in one direction and we can see the future plans coming together. Obviously the ladies section have made the move to Selsey FC and have let us know they will no longer be part of our club. We already have a new girls team in place and are now keen to hear from anyone interested in running female teams at Chichester City FC.

None of us could imagine getting to the second round of the FA Cup and I am pretty sure that will go down as the clubs greatest day to date. There is no doubt that the prize money will be much needed in these worrying times but the club committee must also be congratulated for strict financial stewardship this season, which is now going to prove more important than ever. We are obviously going to struggle with a complete loss of revenue in the coming weeks and months and it will have an impact on our future development plans.

Football is a release for many, many people. Those of us that love it, don’t get people that don’t and those that don’t, can’t understand the obsession of those that do. The mixture of family, friends and fans at Tranmere may have converted a few more to our way of thinking. We are already starting to plan for next season and hoping to improve on the achievements of this one.

The most important thing at the moment is that family, friends and all, stay as safe and well as possible.

Up The Chi.